Saturday, January 11th, 2014

Two slipped plates and a bowl

Two slipped plates and a bowl. The bowl has a floral stencil pattern repeat. The two plates have a portion of a piece of digitally-altered rosemaling traced onto them. Next, the design was carved through and outlined in slip trailed yellow and black.

Freshly slipped earthenware bowls.

Freshly slipped earthenware bowls. These also incorporate details of a rosemaling pattern. They are each unique. Some involve a traced paper stencil, others are entirely painted and drawn free-hand.


The right-most bowl is a little landscape sketch of water droplets falling on earth with a yellow root system below ground and a tiny green leaf just beginning to unfurl above ground. Is January too early for spring fever?

This is the last weekend before the spring semester starts. I spent the morning adding dates to the syllabus for the beginning clay class that I will be teaching and creating a Gmail calendar for the course. This afternoon I trimmed a little over half the pots I had thrown yesterday. I ought to have trimmed them in the morning and worked on the syllabus in the afternoon: the pots were almost too dry. I slipped everything that was trimmed with a thin layer of white slip and finished the decoration on eight out of a group of about fifteen trimmed pots. I wrapped them up carefully in plastic sheeting. It will likely be Tuesday afternoon before I can return to finish the wet work on the remaining pieces.

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